Thanzi La Onse (TLO)

Modelling Team
Tara Mangal
Tim Hallett
Andrew Phillips
Tim Colbourn
University of Malawi, Imperial College London, University College London, University of York
Focus countries/region

As part of the Thanzi La Onse program a model is being developed which aims to capture the health experience of the population of Malawi and the consequent interactions with the health care system. The intent is that this model will help to inform future delivery of health care in Malawi.

The Thanzi La Onse model currently includes a number of key disease modules, including HIV and TB which are jointly responsible for the majority of the disease burden in Malawi. The impact of existing interventions such as prevention measures and treatment jointly determine the risk and outcomes of diseases within the constraints of the health system. Additionally, interactions between HIV and TB along with alignment of health services for patients, such as regular TB screening for people living with HIV, are included in the model.