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HIV models

Many research groups have contributed mathematical models of HIV transmission to joint modelling analyses facilitated by the HIV Modelling Consortium. These have addressed a broad range of research questions covering policy-relevant aspects of HIV prevention and treatment. Some recent participants in HIV modelling activities are shown below.


Anna Bershteyn, Edinah Mudimu, Adam Akullian, Daniel Bridenbecker, Hae-Young Kim, Masabho Milali

New York University, University of South Africa and Institute for Disease Modeling


John Stover, Robert Glaubius, Carel Pretorius, Yu Teng, Guy Mahiane, Eline Korenromp, Katharine Kripke, Matthew Hamilton

Avenir Health

HIV Synthesis

Andrew Phillips, Loveleen Bansi-Matharu, Valentina Cambiano, Jenny Smith, Peter Schmidt, Anastasis Georgoulas

University College London

Optima HIV

Debra ten Brink, Rowan Martin-Hughes, Nick Scott

Burnet Institute


PopART modelling team, Pathogen Dynamics Group at BDI, Oxford, Michael Pickles, Anne Cori, William Probert, Rafael Sauter, Lucie Abeler-Dörner, Francesco Di Lauro, Robert Hinch, Ivy Kombe, Christophe Fraser

University of Oxford, Imperial College London

Thanzi La Onse (TLO)

Tara Mangal, Tim Hallett, Andrew Phillips, Tim Colbourn

University of Malawi, Imperial College London, University College London, University of York


Leigh Johnson, Rob Dorrington

University of Cape Town


Sam Bessey, Mary McGrath, Carolyn J Park, William C Goedel, Brandon DL Marshall

Brown University