All HIV modellers, stakeholders, colleagues in sub-Saharan Africa working on HIV research and care delivery, and any others interested are invited to become Affiliates of the Consortium.  Affiliates are able to:

  • Submit project proposals to the Consortium
  • Comment on new modelling proposals ahead of Executive Committee discussion 
  • Volunteer to work on a proposed project if the proposers have indicated that they are open to new collaborators 
  • Contribute to the MIHPSA collaboration

If you would like to become an Affiliate of the HIV Modelling Consortium, please contact Andrew Phillips at


Name Institution
Ume Abbas University of Missouri - Kansas City
Laith Abu Raddad Cornell University
Adam Akullian Institute for Disease Modelling
Sanni Ali LSHTM
Teeb Al-Samarrai PEPFAR
Tsitsi Apollo Ministry of Health Child Care, Zimbabwe
Zahid Asghar University of Lincoln
Andrew Auld The Global Fund
Rachel Baggaley WHO, Geneva
Loveleen Bansi-Matharu University College London
Ruanne Barnabas Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, USA
Linda-Gail Bekker University of Cape Town
Yared Belete Belay Mekelle University, Ethiopia
Eran Bendavid Stanford University
Anna Bershteyn New York University; University of South Africa; Institute for Disease Modeling
Silvia Bertagnolio WHO, Geneva
Reshma Bhattacharjee USAID
Charles Birungi USAID
John Blandford CDC South Africa
Mark Blecher National Treasury of South Africa
Marie-Claude Boily Imperial College London
Lori Bollinger Avenir Health
Andrew Boulle University of Cape Town
R Scott Braithwaite New York University
Faikah Bruce South African Centre for Epidemiological Modelling and Analysis (SACEMA)
Valentina Cambiano University College London
Jennifer Campbell CHAI
Sungai Chabata CeSHHAR Zimbabwe
Newton Chagoma National AIDS Council, Malawi
Maganizo Chagomerana UNC Project Malawi
Zviiteyi Chazuka U of South Africa
Andrea Ciaranello Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard
Jamie Cohen Institute for Disease Modelling
Anne Cori Imperial College London
Frances Cowan CeSHHAR Zimbabwe; Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine
Siobhan Crowley The Global Fund, Geneva
Diego Cuadros University of Cincinnati
Shona Dalal WHO, Geneva
Gina Dallabetta Bill Melinda Gates Foundation
Calum Davey LSHTM
Mary-Ann Davies University of Cape Town; Western Cape Department of Health, South Africa
Melaku Dessie USAID
Dobromir Dimitrov Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
Meg Doherty WHO, Geneva
David Dowdy Johns Hopkins University
Horacio Duarte University of Washington
Jeff Eaton Imperial College London
Matthias Egger University of Berne
Peter Ehrenkranz Bill Melinda Gates Foundation
Wafaa El Sadr ICAP, Columbia University
Tom Ellman MSF Southern Africa Medical Unit (SAMU)
Janne Estill University of Geneva
Ade Fakoya The Global Fund, Geneva
Elizabeth Fearon LSHTM / MeSH
Nathan Ford WHO, Geneva
Steven Forsythe Avenir Health
Christophe Fraser University of Oxford
Nicole Fraser-Hurt World Bank
Ken Freedberg MGH, Harvard
Alison Galvani Yale School of Public Health
Geoff Garnett Bill Melinda Gates Foundation
Elvin Geng Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis
Peter Ghys UNAIDS
Robert Glaubius Avenir Health
Katy Godfrey PEPFAR
Peter Godfrey-Faussett  
William Goedel Brown University
Andrew Gonani National AIDS Council, Malawi
Steve Goodreau University of Washington
Marelize Gorgons World Bank
Lara Gosce University College London
Kathie Granger LSHTM / MeSH
Dylan Green Cooper Smith
Simon Gregson Imperial College London
Marty Gross Bill Melinda Gates Foundation
Markus Haacker Center for Global Development; Harvard University; University College London
Tim Hallett Imperial College London
Matt Hamilton Avenir Health
James Hargreaves LSHTM
Joshua Herbeck University of Washington
Sara Herbst PEPFAR
Charles Holmes Georgetown University
Jan Hontelez Erasmus University, Rotterdam
Parvez Hosseini PEPFAR
Mina Hosseinipour University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; UNC Project Malawi
Johannes Hunger The Global Fund, Geneva
Emily Hyle MGH, Harvard
Andreas Jahn Ministry of Health, Malawi
Lise Jamieson WITS; Boston University
Britta Jewell Imperial College London
Cheryl Johnson Global HIV, Hepatitis and STI Programmes, WHO
Leigh Johnson University of Cape Town
Harriet Jones LSHTM
Thoko Kalua Ministry of Health, Malawi
Olivia Keiser University of Geneva
Sherrie Kelly Swiss TPH
Cliff Kerr Institute for Disease Modelling
Valerian Kiggundu USAID
Hae-Young Kim New York University
April Kimmel Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine
Sara Klucking PEPFAR
Eline Korenromp Avenir Health
Katharine Kripke Avenir Health
Maia Lesosky University of Cape Town
Daniel Low-Beer WHO, Geneva
Livingstone Luboobi Strathmore University, Kenya
Fortunate Machingura CeSHHAR Zimbabwe
Guy Mahiane Avenir Health
Mary Mahy UNAIDS
David Maman WHO
Tara Mangal Imperial College London
Collin Mangenah CeSHHAR Zimbabwe
Brandon Marshall Brown University
Rowan Martin-Hughes Burnet Institute
Mitch Matoga UNC Project Malawi
Rachel Mbogo Strathmore University, Kenya
Jessica McGillen  
Gesine Meyer-Rath WITS; Boston University
Kate Mitchell Imperial College London
John Mittler University of Washington
Haroon Moolla UCT, South Africa
Michelle Morrison Bill Melinda Gates Foundation
Amon Mpofu National AIDS Council, Zimbabwe
Edinah Mudimu University of South Africa
Owen Mugurungi Ministry of Health Child Care, Zimbabwe
Zin Mukandavire University of Coventry
Irene Mukui Ministry of Health, Kenya
Brooke Nichols WITS
Rose Nyirenda Ministry of Health, Malawi
Martin Odiit UNAIDS Zimbabwe
Gabrielle O'Malley University of Washington
Evans Otieno Omondi Strathmore University, Kenya
Mead Over Center for Global Development
Ros Parkes-Ratanshi Infectious Diseases Institute, Makerere University
Martina Penazzato WHO, Geneva
Andrew Phillips University College London
Michael Pickles Imperial College London
Lucy Platt LSHTM / MeSH
Triantafyllos Pliakas LSHTM
Kim Powers University of North Carolina
Carel Pretorius Avenir Health
Will Probert WHO
Ajay Rangaraj WHO
Krishna Reddy MGH Harvard, Boston, USA
Georges Reniers LSHTM
Paul Revill University of York
Brian Rice LSHTM
Julien Riou ISPM, Berne, Switzerland
David Ripin CHAI
Kathryn Risher Imperial College London
Hinch Robert University of Oxford
Jennifer Ross University of Washington
George Rutherford University of California San Francisco
Keith Sabin UNAIDS
Joshua Salomon Stanford University
Linda A. Sande LSHTM; Malawi-Liverpool-Wellcome Trust Clinical Research Programme
Nalinee Sangrujee CDC
Justine Scott MGH, Harvard
Mark Sculpher University of York
Christian Selinger French National Research Institute for Sustainable Development
Monisha Sharma University of Washington
Ray W. Shiraishi CDC
Amir Shroufi  
Euphemia Sibanda CeSHHAR Zimbabwe; Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine
George Siberry PEPFAR
Romain Silhol Imperial College London
Mutita Siriruchatanon University of Washington
Rachel Slayton CDC
Jenny Smith University College London
Tyler Smith Cooper Smith
Flora Stevens LSHTM / MeSH
John Stover Avenir Health
Robyn Stuart University of Copenhagen
Maaya Sundaram Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Christiaan Swanepoel University of South Africa
Frank Tanser University of Lincoln; Africa Health Research Institute
Isaac Taramusi National AIDS Council, Zimbabwe
Debra ten Brink Burnet Institute
Yu Teng Avenir Health
Ranjeeta Thomas London School of Economics
Carlos Toledo PEPFAR
Gilles Van Cutsem MSF
David van de Vijver University of Utrecht
Cari Van Schalkwyk South African Centre for Epidemiological Modelling and Analysis (SACEMA)
Peter Vickerman University of Bristol
Marco Vitoria WHO, Geneva
Lara Vojnov WHO, Geneva
Max von Kleist Robert Koch Institute
Rochelle Walensky Harvard University
Brian Williams South African Centre for Epidemiological Modelling and Analysis (SACEMA)
David Wilson Bill Melinda Gates Foundation; Burnet Institute
David Wilson World Bank
Vincent J Wong USAID
Aisha Yansaneh USAID
Nicole Zender CDC
Shufang Zhang The Global Fund, Geneva
Jinkou (Button) Zhao The Global Fund