Any modeller or stakeholder is eligible to submit a proposal for a new HIV modelling project to be enabled by the Consortium.  We particularly encourage proposals for multiple models jointly addressing a question in a single project / paper.  Proposals from non-modeller stakeholders will be considered particularly if at least one modelling group is involved in the application.

Proposals for a new HIV modelling project may be submitted by the modellers proposed to do the work, stakeholders, or from a person or group seeking to find a modeller to address a question. Proposals for new projects will be made by the completion of a project proposal on a standard template submitted to the Secretariat. 

Proposals considered eligible by the Executive Committee (EC) will be shared with Affiliates for comment ahead of discussion by the EC.  A key consideration in evaluating proposals requiring Consortium endorsement will be the relevance to ultimately helping to inform provision of HIV prevention and care in sub-Saharan Africa, even if this relevance is indirect, for example through development of a new approach or methodology. Taking account of any input from Affiliates, the EC will decide:

  1. Whether the proposal is endorsed by the Consortium, in which case the Consortium will aim to facilitate the project being completed
  2. Whether one or more of the core implementers will contribute with modelling
  3. Whether funds will be made available to support the requested modelling.

The funds available for the last option are extremely limited.

If you have a project in mind and want to discuss its suitability, email us at: