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Consequences of a changing US strategy in the global HIV investment landscape

Jessica McGillen, Alana Sharp, Brian Honermann, Gregorio Millett, Chris Collins, Timothy Hallett

AIDS. 2017 Nov 28; 31(18): F19–F23.

The Incidence Patterns Model to Estimate the Distribution of New HIV Infections in Sub-Saharan Africa: Development and Validation of a Mathematical Model

Annick Bórquez, Anne Cori, Erica Pufall, Jingo Kasule, Emma Slaymaker, Alison Price, Jocelyn Elmes, Basia Zaba, Amelia Crampin, Joseph Kagaayi, Tom Lutalo, Mark Urassa, Simon Gregson, Timothy Hallett

PLoS Med. 2016 Sep; 13(9): e1002121.